JumboMax Grips can quickly and dramatically improve the way golfers of all abilities play the game of golf.

JumboMax Grips are a new, USGA-conforming grip designed to fit your hands better for superior surface contact and more solid ball striking. The larger diameter of JumboMax Grips creates maximum surface contact for a secure and comfortable feel. This in turn lets you relax your grip on the club for a more fluid and powerful swing.

Eliminates tension for faster clubhead speed. Golf instructors universally agree that the surest way to ruin a good golf swing is by gripping the club too tightly, or by increasing grip pressure during the swing, which prevents the club from releasing properly at impact. The larger diameter and unique design of JumboMax Grips instantly gives you a more secure hold on the club, so you don't feel the need to squeeze. You'll relax your grip on the club freeing your hands and arms to release the club naturally, giving you the fluid, effortless and powerful swing you need.

Square the clubface more consistently for incredible accuracy. Because you can generate 38% more turning power with a JumboMax Grip than with a standard grip, not only will you relax your grip on the club creating more clubhead speed, you'll find it easier to keep the clubface square longer through impact for straighter, more powerful shots.

Play and practice longer with less shock on your joints. Not only do JumboMax Grips outperform standard grips for distance and accuracy they have the added benefit of being extremely comfortable and shock-absorbing. If you have arthritic hands, you will really appreciate our super-oversized, twist- resistant, shock absorbing technology.

Yes, these grips are for you! From novices to advanced players, everyone can benefit from quiet hands and the relaxed grip provided by JumboMax Grips. They will quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf!

Extensively tested by golfers of all abilities, JumboMax Grips are quickly developing an incredible following. Golfers are experiencing better control, increased distance, more confidence and are just having more fun on the golf course!

Jumbo, also known as Oversize is the biggest grip size.

Every grip order on Nordicagolf will include for free the right amount of grip tape to re-grip your golf clubs.


Sku 226030289
ExtraGriptape inbegrepen
Langste vinger9 cm, 10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm or greater
Grootte van de hand24 cm, 25 cm, 26 cm, 27 cm, 28 cm or greater
Grip maatJumbo
Grip TypeSwing
Gripe vormAlgemene grip
Gewicht (g)87

Indien je voor meer dan 99 euro (excl. verzendkosten) besteld, krijg je gratis verzending naar alle EU landen. Wij verzenden je order met Schenker en dit duurt normaal gezien 2-4 dagen. De verzendkost is 4,9-14,9 euro, afhankelijk van de grootte van je bestelling. • Brief 5,90 € • Schenker 8,90 € • UPS 14,90 €

Wij bieden op maat gemaakte golfclubs aan zonder extra kosten. Je kan simpelweg je lengte, swingsnelheid en grootte van je hand ingeven, zo krijg je direct een voorstel van welke clublengte, shaft en grootte van grip best bij jou passen. 20 - 30% van alle golfspelers gebruiken clubs die niet aangepast zijn aan hun behoeften.. Heb je steeds gespeeld met onaangepaste clubs en je bent blij met de behaalde resultaten hoef je helemaal geen aanpassingen te doen – de keuze is aan jou!